Review: Riddick (2013)

Outside of the Fast and Furious franchise, the intergalactic anti-hero Richard B. Riddick remains Vin Diesel’s most successful character – a mysterious loner who is as inscrutable as he is lethal. After the back to basics sci-fi horror Pitch Black kickstarted Diesel’s action man career and garnered Riddick a loyal following, the franchise appeared to beach itself with the magnificently bloated follow up The Chronicles of Riddick in 2004; an overly ambitious sequel let down by a clunky script laden with so much mumbo-jumbo it was difficult to know what was going on half the time. Now, clearly undeterred by that film’s financial failure, Diesel and series director David Twohy have reunited to work on this leaner (and cheaper) third entry, which is much more of a Pitch Black 2 than Chronicles ever was.

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