Review: Before Midnight (2013)

It might seem something of a paradox that cinephiles – people who generally prefer sitting in absolute silence with a room full of strangers to making idle conversation – have fallen so hard for a trilogy of films which consist almost entirely of two people talking to each other. Just talking. Not even talking about big, important things necessarily (though it does cover these), but every day stuff too. Yet such is the case with Richard Linklater’s rambling Before… series, of which Before Midnight is the latest entry. What is perhaps more astounding is that all three films – beginning with 1995’s Before Sunrise and continuing with 2004’s Before Sunset – should be so compellingly written and performed. This new instalment is every bit as beguiling as its predecessors, as it progresses the central relationship between Jesse and Celine to an older, more mature, yet no less problematic phase.

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