Review: Holy Motors (2012)

My review of the closing night film at the Cambridge Film Festival:

One of those films that appears to exist solely to divide audiences, Holy Motors is an audacious and bewildering experience that reminds you how fun and versatile cinema can be. Regardless of whether director Leos Carax intended the film to be indecipherable or not, he has fashioned a work that will delight as many as it will disappoint. For those who enjoy a walk on cinema’s wild side and are happy to go along with a film whose narrative makes very little sense at all, then a treasure trove of curiosities awaits them; scenes that serve no other function than to play with the medium and bounce ideas around onscreen, or try to tell a story all on their own. Those seeking a conventional story, or even one that eventually reveals its agenda, will go away disappointed.

Full review: Holy Motors | Cinema Review | Film @ The Digital Fix

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