CamFilmFest Diary: Day 6

Date: Tuesday 18 September

Films: 3 – Flying Blind; Notorious; The Night Elvis Died

Beverages: 1 americano, 1 tea, 1 tea sipped then misplaced, 1 lemonade, 1 peppermint tea (after hot tip from bar staff), 1 lager

Biscuits: None

Verdict: Nice mixture of films today. The British low-budget Flying Blind was nicely shot and well performed, but the script soon revealed itself as a heavy-handed political statement hiding beneath a token love story, focussing on the relationship between a young Islamic student and an older woman (Helen McRory) who happens to work for the MOD. More at home on ITV.

Notorious continued the Hitchcock strand, and made an interesting switch from some of his more action-centric thrillers like North by Northwest. This was Hitch in more subdued form, with Cary Grant taking a back seat to Ingrid Bergman in the lead, and suspense is built up around who knows what, rather than anyone chasing a MacGuffin. Cracking stuff.

Finally I dipped my toe in to the Catalan season with The Night Elvis Died, a Lynchian drama with splashes of the surreal about townsfolk trying to put on their traditional Passion Play amidst financial woes and many personal problems. It’s not nearly as straightforward as that sounds though. Themes bubble up to the surface, but don’t try looking for a conventional plot. Absorbing, frustrating, amusing and beautiful, in pretty much equal measure.

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