Memories of The Regal Cinema

I’ve started a new blog that aims to document the history of the old Regal Cinema in St Ives, Cambridgeshire, which closed in 1985. I’m looking for personal stories and recollections, along with any images or memorabilia that may exist. Why The Regal? It was the first cinema I ever visited, when my dad took me to see E.T. in 1982. For me, it’s important that interesting parts of a community’s history aren’t forgotten, especially cinema-related ones, and it seemed as if The Regal was in danger of being entirely lost in the mists of time. So I’m hoping to fill in the gaps of its story, and perhaps by doing so celebrate cinema itself.

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  1. HI I was born in Cambridge and lived near St Ives till 1976 as a teenager I worked part time in 1976 at the Regal as a painter from time to time fond memories , yesterday for the first time in nearly 40 years I walked along from Houghton and went past the site , as luck would have it , the door was open , as the “night -club” was being gutted , so I could not resist in having a look around , amongst the dust and debris lay old vinyl LPs and some surviving painted walls up stairs, What ever happened to …………

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