Beverly Hills Cop II IS a classic 80s film! Plus: digital Dracula and rats

Just a small update following on my previous entry. Having now watched my Beverly Hills Cop II dvd, I can confirm that, despite being an inferior sequel to the great original, the film is still an 80s classic: Tony Scott’s flashy direction, the score, the fashions and Eddie Murphy still being funny help make this a decent enough sequel. No comment on part III I’m afraid – if I can get it for under 2 quid, then it may happen, otherwise no deal.

In other news, last night I caught a preview of Ratatouille, in a digitally projected ‘print’, courtesy of Cineworld Cinemas. Two things: the film is every bit as good as the reviews have made out; and digital projection is officially amazing. Visually the film is stunning (knocking the socks off other inferior computer-animated cartoons), and having it digitally projected was the icing on the cake; you could just soak up the Parisian atmosphere from the screen. A treat from start to finish – well done Pixar.

Whilst there I caught a poster advertising Hammer’s classic 1958 horror Dracula, which is returning to cinemas across the country at the end of October in a newly restored version from the BFI. Even better, at most Cineworld cinemas, it will be digitally projected. Having recently discovered Hammer’s horror classics for myself, I can’t wait. Unfortunately I can’t see anything about it on their website, but I just wanted to give Hammer fans advance warning. There will apparently be screenings on Halloween – I can’t think of a better way to spend it.

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